Services for people who are buying, selling, or simply staying put

Clutter management is so important when deciding how to use a space or selling your property. It is difficult to know where to start when there are hobbies, toys, office supplies or clothes creating a road block.

Start small! Label three large boxes, “Keep”, “Recycle” and “Donate” and two trash bags labeled “Trash” and “Shred”. If you become overwhelmed set a timer and do no more than an hour a day. Load unwanted items into your car each day for distribution so that you are not tempted to return them to the “Keep” box. Then reward yourself!


If you are overwhelmed or have a deadline call on us and we will be happy to come and share the load.


Example of clutterWe can assist with any aspect of clutter management to help you move towards your goal. This is a particularly valuable service when selling your property, getting you ready to move and clear out what you don’t want to take with you.

Why pay a mover to take items to your new home that you will then get rid of, or worse yet, haul them yourself? This is also a big step to getting your property ready to be put on the market, showing it as an organized and clutter-free home. De-clutter as part of your home staging plan.