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Painting of an empty wall. Renovation home. 3D illustration
Color plays an important role in interior decorating; changing mood, energy and light. Harmony Interiors offers color consultations to explore the possibilities and get the color right before picking up a paint brush or hiring a painter, saving time and money. Color change can open a room up visually.


Factors that will affect how a room is used and how comfortable it feels once paint is applied:

Orientation of windows

Color “temperature”

Depth of room

Types of light sources

Mood (relaxed or energetic)

Assisting SW Customer

For example, a cool paint color on a dark side of a house or office space could create a very severe and uninviting atmosphere. This is softened if paired with the appropriate furnishings. By offering on-site color consultations you can rest assured that the big picture is taken into account.

I highly recommend Julie Allison of Harmony Interiors. She did a great job helping me choose paint colors and carpeting for my basement remodel project. She was very patient and helped me find a great combination of colors that made the room bright and very appealing to the eye. After I chose colors that I thought I liked, she ordered large samples so I could put them up around the room and observe them in different lighting situations. Thanks for a great job, Julie. My basement looks fantastic!”

– Pam S.


Julie Is a great community partner and asset to our Severna Park Sherwin Williams store. She is a wonderful color consultant to our local customers.

Her creativity and advice helps customers move effortlessly to their next decorating project.”

– Kathy, Assistant Manager, Sherwin Williams, Severna Park, MD


Recently I needed to repaint several rooms in the upstairs of my home. Unfortunately I am not too good when it comes to picking colors. Julie Allison of Harmony Interiors came out to my home and showed me a number of samples she thought would look good and after a lot of “no, I don’t like that” and “I’m not sure about this”, we narrowed it down. She ordered several large samples which she left pinned to my walls. A few days later my decision was made! Julie called back to see if we were satisfied and the answer was “Yes, we love it!” I bought the paint and my husband painted the rooms. He was happy too because he only had to paint each room once, saving him a lot of time and effort! I will certainly use Harmony Interiors again in the future.”

– Susan S.