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The Art of Home Staging

Harmony Interiors highlights the beautiful areas of a home whilst minimizing less attractive elements. Using your client’s furniture or ours, home staging is the art of organizing and creating mood, making spaces look bigger, brighter and warmer, and showing how best to place furniture to entice potential buyers to call a house their home.


When you meet with potential clients in their home you are already developing your sales strategy. Eventually you will have to tell them to pare down their belongings and clean out the clutter. Some sellers are very receptive to this while many are not. Others believe they are doing this effectively, but are missing the big picture. Adding professional and insured home staging services as part of your team is an effective tool to assist your sellers to meet their goals. Harmony Interiors will step your clients through the property preparation process, allowing you to concentrate on the more pressing issues of listing and marketing their property.


All properties benefit from home staging, whether they are priced in the $200,000’s or $millions!

When to Stage?

Ideally the property should be staged before it is listed.  This maximizes that first two weeks when the property receives the most interest.  As you know, the longer the listing is on the market the less attractive it becomes and it starts to look stale.   Sellers often wish to put their property up for sale before it is ready and this often leads to mistrust and larger, or more frequent, price reductions later. Harmony Interiors will sit with your clients to help them understand the importance of doing the groundwork thoroughly and in the correct sequence to optimize their sales potential.

Is It Too Late?

You may have a listing that has been on the market for an extended period of time and are considering a price reduction. Home Staging is a great tool before you take that next drastic step. The cost of home staging is a fraction of the cost of the first price reduction you will make, and chances are that if the property shows well with great new marketing photographs, there will be a stronger internet presence and more interest.

 I offer gift certificates which make great welcome home gifts for your buyers!


Julie’s expertise in design and staging has helped my buyers sell their homes quickly at optimum prices. She works closely with sellers and agents to highlight the amenities the home offers. I highly recommend her services to my clients.”

– Juli B., Realtor

Julie is invaluable when it comes to the way she handles clients with her warm, English charm. Everyone loves her. She challenges them in a positive way to bring their home up to the highest level possible. Sales results are always enhanced by Julie’s expert eye and tricks of the trade. I utilize her services on all of my listings.”

– Bonnie W., Realtor

My Sellers are motivated to sell their house but needed help with the everyday clutter. It was great letting somebody else be the “bad” guy. Having a neutral third party come in and walk them through the process made them realize it needed to be done NOW! Thanks for a job well done!”

– Liz W., Realtor