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Outdoor Spaces

Arts Rose watercolor by Julie AllisonCreating beautiful, small exterior spaces within one larger space creates a sense of harmony and tranquility. Relax in your own private sanctuary, the perfect respite after a tiring day! Stop and smell the roses!


Tufa is a limestone deposit which builds near springs, waterfalls and other bodies of moving water. Historically, hollowed out and formed into usable shapes such as cattle drinking troughs, these vessels are now highly prized and used as rustic planters in cottage gardens.

Hypertufa is made from a mix of materials that emulates the porosity, alkalinity, moisture retention and root cooling properties of tufa. Alkaline-loving plants thrive in these handmade hypertufa planters.



Inspired by nature and design, Julie expresses her love for color and gardening through her watercolor paintings.


Architectural Design

Classically trained in Architectural Design.