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Unlock the Door to Great Design

All good designs, commercial or residential, begin with space planning. If an office or room is not planned carefully it will not be efficient, comfortable or inviting. Flow, or movement throughout a room affects whether a space is inviting enough to entertain, or efficient enough to work in effectively.

Lighting, storage and shelving, and furniture sizes are some of the elements that make up your space plan. Movement and use of the space should be evaluated to ensure that valuable square footage is utilized, minimizing unusable areas.

As form follows function it is important to ensure that the space meets the needs of its intended users before determining style and color. Space planning is a valuable tool to ensuring a safe, comfortable and usable space, unlocking the door to great design!

Very friendly and professional, with a wonderful ability to tell you the truth in a nice manner, without making it personal.”

– Don & Beth R.

Julie has a good eye for what will appeal to prospective tenants and making changes for the minimum of cost and upheaval. The first person that looked at the apartment once these changes were made cancelled all his other viewings, and signed a contract on the spot! I wish I had talked to Julie earlier on because my property had stood empty for a total of 4 months.”

– Zoë S., Wimbledon, London